A Lost Companion

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AllianceA Lost Companion
Start Volcor
End Keeper Karithus [42.94, 39.02]
Level 11 (Requires 8)
Category Darkshore
Experience 880
Reputation +250 Darnassus
Rewards 4s (+5s 40c at max level)
Shareable Yes


Locate Grimclaw.


Please help... I can barely sit up.

My friend, a bear named Grimclaw, he's not here. I sent him ahead to let the Sentinels know we were coming before we left Auberdine, but he never arrived. I sensed something might be amiss as we were leaving, but with the evacuation, I never had a chance to act on it.

If he's injured, there's only one place that he would go - the Withering Thicket, north of Auberdine, down the road to the south from here. Bring him back to me safely... he's my only family.


You will receive: 4s (+5s 40c at max level)


Greetings, traveler. You seem to have an interest in my friend here. You're here on behalf of his friend Volcor then I imagine? If Volcor didn't come himself, he must be injured as well. I hope he recovers quickly.

Grimclaw is too injured to be moved far and he's going to need some immediate treatment. I'm afraid I can't let you take him back just yet, but perhaps you can help me while I tend to him.


Grimclaw is located with Keeper Karithus

Patch changes


  1. A [11] A Lost Companion
  2. A [12] Ritual Materials / A [12] Twice Removed / A [12] Unsavory Remedies
  3. A [12] The Ritual Bond
  4. Talk to one of the animal spirits to complete one of these (you will be unable to complete the other two):
  5. A [12] Grimclaw's Return

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