AllianceA Lost Master
Start Terenthis
End Volcor
Level 20 (Requires 15)
Category Darkshore
Experience 775 EXP (or 4s 80c at level 70)


Find Volcor in Darkshore and give him the  [Enchanted Moonstalker Cloak].


The cloak is complete, <name>. The time has come to find Volcor. I can only hope we are in time. The cloak's magic, once invoked, will not last long; perhaps five minutes. It will be up to you to know when to use it: I would suggest waiting until you find Grimclaw. If what he has told me is true, you will find his master in a cave south of here. Grimclaw will be alongside the road waiting for you. Signal to him by waving when you see him, and he'll point the way towards his master.


Wonderful! Terenthis found someone to help me. And look, a moonstalker cloak...<cough> Oh... that hurts. Thank you, <name>. The furbolgs wounded me before I managed to evade them. Give me a moment, and I should be fine to talk some more.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


It really does mean /wave at Grimclaw, for him to point you to where Volcor is hiding.


  1. A [20] A Lost Master
  2. A [20] A Lost Master
  3. one of

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