A Mote of Cosmic Truth

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NeutralA Mote of Cosmic Truth
Start Wayne the Ancestral
End Wayne the Ancestral
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Stormsong Valley
Experience 22,310
Rewards  [Glowing Azerite]
46g 80s
Previous N [120] Malign Inspiration
Next B [50WQ] Censership, B [50WQ] Plunder and Provisions, B [50WQ] Iconoclasm


Defeat the Ascendant Nightmare.


We stand on the brink, you and I. The final act looms over us, casting a terrible shadow.

Deep we plumbed, seeking knowledge of the world. Deeper still we delved, until our fate was inevitable. Minds were shattered, my comrades ran screaming into the night. We are all lost, to that terrible Thing...

Now, the malformed syzygy beckons. Complete the ritual and bring about the end.

("Voidborne Ascendant: Progenitor. Destroyer. Unmaker.")


You will receive:


The end is inescapable...


Victory... foolish and meaningless.


As before, go back up to the Precipice of Oblivion and this time, interact with the Eye of Revelation statue. The Voidborne Ascendant will spawn behind it.

Voidborne Ascendant says: [Shath'Yar] Shuul og i agthu yrr sk'uuyat uulwi ma oou sshoq'met ez nuq far'al I zz nuq al'tha Ssaggh ni za an'zig yrr puul ywaq gul'kafh
Voidborne Ascendant says: [Shath'Yar] There is a great and terrible truth at the beginning of all things. I am its herald. Listen to my sermon, and know your infinite inconsequence.
  • Voidborne Ascendant says: [Shath'Yar] Zuq agth kyth ongg oou uovssh Nuq zuq lwhuk qi'uothk far'al aq zaix hnakf lal
Voidborne Ascendant says: [Shath'Yar] You have seen into the beyond. Now you shall perceive things as they truly are.
  • Voidborne Ascendant says: [Shath'Yar] H'thon thyzz Agth ma iiqaath zuq wgah puul uhn'agth yrr zuq wgah uulg'ma
Voidborne Ascendant says: [Shath'Yar] Errant flesh! When it awakens, you will know eternity, and you will tremble!
Voidborne Ascendant says: [Shath'Yar] Oou zuq agthu qwor arwi
  • Voidborne Ascendant says: [Shath'Yar] The key... turns once more.


  1. N [120] Ruin Has Come
  2. N [120] Flush Them Out
  3. N [120] Despondent Ablutions
  4. N [120] Trinkets and Baubles
  5. N [120] The Weight of My Ambition
  6. N [120] Misplaced Faith
  7. N [120] Indefatigable Purpose
  8. N [120] Malign Inspiration
  9. N [120] A Mote of Cosmic Truth

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