AllianceA New Adornment
Start Krolg
End Krolg
Level 7-30 (Requires 7)
Category Felwood
Experience 2,100 XP
Reputation +250 Darnassus
Rewards 20s
Previous B [7-30] King of the Foulweald
Next A [7-30] True Power of the Rod


Obtain Ran Bloodtooth's Skull and Dartol's Rod.


I'm certain that the long-dead wizard, Dartol, intended to use his rod to subjugate and destroy us just as the night elves and orcs have, but I think now we'll put that thing to an unintended use.

Ran Bloodtooth is the king of all of the Ashenvale furbolg. His tribe, the Bloodtooth, are the most powerful and keep themselves secluded in a camp just to the east.

Kill them all and bring back his skull. Let us see if we can put it to good use.

("Ran Bloodtooth: Get Ran's skull.")


Have you slain Ran yet, my friend? We must have his skull if you're to deliver my people from bondage.


You have done well, my friend.

Now quickly, hand me Ran's skull. While his essence yet taints it, we shall fashion it upon Dartol's Rod giving you the power to influence my brethren and deliver them from evil!


You will receive: 20s



  1. A [7-30] Finding Teronis
  2. A [7-30] The Lost Gem
  3. A [7-30] To Raene Wolfrunner
  4. A [7-30] Dryad Delivery
  5. A [7-30] Search the Bole
  6. A [7-30] Playing Possum
  7. A [7-30] Return to Raene
  8. A [7-30] Dartol's Rod
  9. A [7-30] King of the Foulweald
  10. A [7-30] A New Adornment
  11. A [7-30] True Power of the Rod

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