A New Cloak's Sheen

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HordeA New Cloak's Sheen
Start Krueg Skullsplitter [76, 42.8]
End Krueg Skullsplitter [76, 42.8]
Level 38 (Requires 36)
Category Feralas
Experience 6,420
Reputation +250 Orgrimmar
Rewards 45s
Next H [38] A Grim Discovery


Bring 10 Iridescent Sprite Darter Wings to Krueg Skullsplitter in Camp Mojache.


Well met, <class>. I've traveled with my companions down to Feralas on a mission for our Orgrimmar masters.

My life-mate Korrin finds great pleasure in new clothing, so I aim to make her a new cloak adorned with the gossamer wings of faerie dragons. Would you be able to help me? Sprite darters with the gorgeous wings I want are west of Camp Mojache.


You will receive: 45s


The sprite darters can be dangerous critters when provoked. Be careful when dealing with them, <class>. And be even more careful of any night elves in the area. The pestering fools tend to hold up in the forests also.

When you've gotten enough of the wings, let me know, I'll be sure to reward you well!


Wonderful, <class>! These will do nicely. There are enough here to make a cloak for Korrin, and possibly even more! Thank you.

I hope the trip wasn't too dangerous? The area of Feralas is not known for being forgiving, but you've obviously done well enough.

Thank you again, <class>.



  1. H [38] A New Cloak's Sheen
  2. H [38] A Grim Discovery

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