AllianceA New Hope
Start Maiev Shadowsong
End Tyrande Whisperwind
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Category Tyrande's Vengeance
Experience 3,400
Rewards  [Nightwreathed Egg]
11g 70s
Previous A [50] Warfront: The Battle for Darkshore


Witness Tyrande's address to the kaldorei.


Darkshore belongs to our people once more, in no small part due to your efforts. And, while I disagree with her methods, we would not have succeeded without Tyrande as well.

Differences aside, she is our leader--and an incarnation of the Night Warrior herself.

She is about to begin. You may stand here beside me.


You will receive:


This is the first step towards our retribution.


Dori'thur laid this egg when Elune's shadow fell over us. If you are willing, I would entrust her offspring to your care as a token of my gratitude.


Besides Maiev, among the gathered crowd are Malfurion Stormrage, Shandris Feathermoon, Mordent Evenshade, Sentinel Cordressa Briarbow, Moon Priestess Lasara, Thisalee Crow, Genn, Mia, and Tess Greymane as well as Celestine of the Harvest, Commander Lorna Crowley, Nightwreathed Huntresses, Nightwreathed Priestesses, Nightwreathed Sentinels, and Nightwreathed Menders.

Speaking with Maiev

Take your place. She is about to begin.

Gossip I am ready.

A cutscene starts.
Tyrande Whisperwind says: Victory is ours this night!
Tyrande Whisperwind says: Elune has given us the power to save ourselves!
Tyrande Whisperwind says: The Horde burned our forests thinking to kill our hope.
Tyrande Whisperwind says: They died for that folly. For our hope resides not in the trees, but in our bonds to each other!
Tyrande Whisperwind says: We... are... Kaldorei!
Everybody cheers.

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