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A New Pack

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NeutralA New Pack
Start Tamed Gorger
End Tamed Gorger
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Revendreth
Experience 4,100
Rewards  [Loyal Gorger]
Previous N [60] Ready for More


Defeat an Unbidden Worldeater.


<The gorger is more than fully grown, rivaling most of the other devourers in the area. It clearly wants to stay with you, but it appears to be uneasy straying too far from the world eaters. Maybe if you take one down together it will not hold as much sway over the gorger.>


You will receive:

You will receive:
Achievement dungeon sanguinedepths kryxis.png [Loyal Gorger]




<The gorger is ecstatic that you took down a worldeater. It's excitement is palpable and it is on the brink of picking you up and carrying out off on a new adventure.>




  1. N [60] Nipping at the Undergrowth
  2. N [60] Vineroot on the Menu
  3. N [60] Vineroot Will Not Do
  4. N [60] Hungry Hungry Gorger
  5. N [60] Standing Toe To Toe
  6. N [60] Ready for More
  7. N [60] A New Pack

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