NeutralA New Path
Start Delas Moonfang
End Delas Moonfang
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Paladin Campaign
Experience 16,450
Rewards 19g 40s
Previous N Paladin [110] United As One
Next N Paladin [110] Champion: Delas Moonfang


Speak to Delas Moonfang.


Highlord <name>, if I could have a moment of your time?

Long have I followed the path of the Light, and for many years I studied under the Priestesses of the Moon. Yet, I have always felt my education incomplete, and a yearning to know more.

When I walked into these halls, I finally felt a spark of what was missing. I believe that a new path lies before me.

I wish to become a paladin of the Silver Hand. Will you allow me to join you?


You will receive: 19g 40s


What do you think?


Thank you, Highlord.



Speak to Delas Moonfang, who has two options: Accept or wait.

Gossip Yes, I welcome all who wish to follow the path of the Light. Meet me in the Hall of Champions.
Delas Moonfang says: Thank you, Highlord! I am ready.
Delas proceeds to walk to the Hall.
Gossip I'm sorry, I must think on it further.
Delas Moonfang says: Please take as much time as you need, Highlord. My resolve will not waver.

Meet Delas at the altar and speak with her again.

Gossip Speak the vows at the altar when you are ready.
Delas walks down the aisle and then kneels at the steps leading up to the Altar of Ancient Kings.
Delas Moonfang says: Here, in the presence of eternal champions, I take this sacred oath:
Delas Moonfang says: To protect the weak, uphold justice, and walk the righteous path.
Delas Moonfang says: I pledge my life to the Order of the Silver Hand,
Delas Moonfang says: And join my brothers and sisters in humble service.

After she has completed the vow, you will be given the special ability Ability paladin blindinglight.png  Rise, Paladin to complete the induction.

Delas stands and walks the rest of the way to the altar before kneeling again. Upon arising, she is reborn as a paladin.

If you take too long to turn the quest in, Delas will disappear but don't panic — she'll be back at the table in the war room.


Level 98

  1. N Paladin [98 - 110] An Urgent Gathering
  2. N Paladin [98 - 110] Weapons of Legend
  3. Acquire the chosen artifact:
  4. N Paladin [98 - 110] We Meet at Light's Hope
  5. N Paladin [98 - 110] A United Force
  6. N Paladin [98-110] Forging New Strength
  7. N Paladin [98 - 110] Logistical Matters
  8. N Paladin [98 - 110] A Sound Plan

Level 101

  1. N Paladin [101 - 110] Growing Power (optional)
  2. N Paladin [101 - 110] Rise, Champions
  3. N Paladin [101 - 110] The Blood Matriarch
  4. N Paladin [10-45] Dark Storms
  5. Complete all of:

Level 103

  1. N Paladin [103 - 110] To Faronaar
  2. N Paladin [103 - 110] This Is Retribution
  3. Complete both:
  4. N Paladin [103 - 110] The Codex of Command
  5. N Paladin [103 - 110] Silver Hand Knights (optional)
  6. Complete both:
  7. N Paladin [103 - 110] Cracking the Codex
  8. Complete both:
  9. N Paladin [103 - 110] Translation: Danger!

Level 110

  1. N Paladin [110D] Black Rook Hold: Lord Ravencrest
  2. N Paladin [110] To Felblaze Ingress
  3. N Paladin [110] Aponi's Trail
  4. Complete both:
  5. N Paladin [110] United As One
  6. Complete all of:
  7. Complete all of:
  8. N Paladin [110] A Light in the Darkness
  9. N Paladin [110] Warriors of Light

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