NeutralA Non-Prophet Organization
Start High Exarch Turalyon
End Prophet Velen [59.1, 20.0]
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Mac'Aree
Reputation +150 Argussian Reach
Rewards 14g 60s
Previous N [110] We Have a Problem
Next N [110] Flanking Maneuvers
N [110] Talgath's Forces


Locate Velen.

  • Find Velen


I have complete faith that Velen is nearby. We would know if he had been captured.

All the same, we must not delay. The Legion has a vested interest in finding him after all he has done to resist them. I shudder to think what they might do, given the chance.

That is why I am going with you.

We will find Velen and help him track down the Crest of Knowledge. We must have faith in his mission or all will be lost.


You will receive: 14g 60s


You came upon me in a moment of reflection.

<Velen peers at you with a tired expression.>

There is no time for such sentiment. We must press on.



Turalyon will join your side after you have picked up both "A Non-Prophet Organization" and N [110] Wrath of the High Exarch.

  • High Exarch Turalyon says: They have not yet had a chance to fortify this area.
  • High Exarch Turalyon says: I have seen these tactics before. Let us hope our foe is not who I think it is.
Approach hideout
High Exarch Turalyon says: This is it.
Find Velen
Velen is kneeling next to what appears to be a long-abandoned child's bed. Turalyon stops just inside the entrance.
High Exarch Turalyon says: Velen?
Prophet Velen says: Forgive me, my son.
Turalyon walks toward him.
High Exarch Turalyon says: Are you hurt?
Velen stands and closes the distance to Turalyon.
Prophet Velen says: I am unharmed.
Prophet Velen says: Your arrival is timely. We must find the Crest of Knowledge before Talgath takes it beyond our reach.
High Exarch Turalyon says: So he is here, then. I was afraid of this.

Copies of Turalyon who follow other players are seen under the generic name "Lightforged Vindicator".


  1. N [110] We Have a Problem (Must complete N [110] Where They Least Expect It before you can pick up)
  2. N [110] A Non-Prophet Organization & N [110] Wrath of the High Exarch & N [110] Overt Ops
  3. N [110] Flanking Maneuvers & N [110] Talgath's Forces
  4. N [110] What Might Have Been
  5. N [110] Across the Universe
  6. N [110] Shadow of the Triumvirate
  7. N [110] The Seat of the Triumvirate
  8. N [110] Whispers from Oronaar & N [110] Arkhaan's Prayers
  9. N [110] The Pulsing Madness & N [110] Arkhaan's Pain
  10. N [110] Arkhaan's Plan
  11. N [110] Arkhaan's Peril
  12. N [110] Throwing Shade
  13. N [110] Sources of Darkness & N [110] The Shadowguard Incursion
  14. N [110] A Vessel Made Ready
  15. N [110] A Beacon in the Dark (grants [You Are Now Prepared!])
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