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A Path of Blood

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HordeA Path of Blood
Start General Rakera
End General Rakera
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Horde War Campaign
Experience 17,850
Rewards  [Radiant Azerite Fragment] (500 [Azerite])
23g 40s
Previous H [120] Ride of the Zandalari
Next H [120] Retaking the Outpost


Slay 15 Alliance soldiers within the Blood Gate.


De main fleet of de Alliance and Kul Tirans are off de coast in Nazmir. But we cannot ignore de forces here.

Dere seems to be a strange fog coming in from Nazmir. De Kul Tirans must be using some of their voodoo to weaken us.

We must carve a path of blood through dese Alliance fools. Help our forces by weakening de Alliance.


You will receive:


We must move.


Good, my forces can handle de remnants. You need to keep moving.



  1. H [120] War Is Here
  2. H [120] Ride of the Zandalari
  3. H [120] No One Left Behind & H [120] A Path of Blood
  4. H [120] Retaking the Outpost
  5. H [120] Putting the Gob in Gob Squad & H [120] Re-rebuilding the A.F.M.O.D. / H Rogue [120] Minesweeper
  6. H [120] It's Alive!
  7. H [120] The Battle of Zul'jan Ruins
  8. H [120] We Have Them Cornered
  9. H [120] Zandalari Justice, H [120] None Shall Escape & H [120] Breaking Mirrors
  10. H [120] Telaamon's Purge
  11. H [120] Parting Mists
  12. H [120] Fly Out to Meet Them

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