NeutralA Personal Request
Start Thassarian
End Thassarian
Level 10-45
Category Death Knight Campaign
Experience 15,500
Rewards  [Ghoul Tombstone]
 [Glory of the Order]
1000 Order Resources
16g 60s
Previous N Death knight [10-45] The King Rises
Next N Death knight [10-45] Champion: Koltira Deathweaver
N Death knight [10-45] Knights of the Ebon Blade
N Death knight [10-45] Steeds of the Damned

A Personal Request returns to the storyline of what happened to Koltira Deathweaver after Sylvanas Windrunner took him prisoner at Andorhal. This opens up after recruiting Thoras Trollbane as one of the Four Horsemen.

Completing this quest will finish the first order campaign effort for  [Fighting with Style: Classic].


Rescue Koltira Deathweaver from Undercity.

  • Speak with Thassarian in Undercity
  • Koltira rescued


If you have a moment, Deathlord... there is a personal matter I would like to speak with you about.

Some time ago, a brother of the Ebon Blade was imprisoned beneath the ruins of Lordaeron by the Dark Lady.

Sylvanas has refused all attempts to negotiate his release. Now, our world faces destruction and the time for diplomacy has passed.

Koltira Deathweaver cannot fight the Burning Legion in chains.

So we will break them.


You will receive:
Ability fiegndead.png [Ghoul Tombstone] Achievement reputation 03.png [Glory of the Order]

You will also receive:

  • 16g 60s
  • 15,500 XP
  • 1000 Order Resources


The time has come to release Koltira Deathweaver from captivity.


Sylvanas will not be pleased with our actions, but we have more to worry about than offending the Dark Lady.


Find your way to the Undercity Sewers entrance. You likely learned of the portals in Aegwynn's Gallery, through The Portrait Room under the Chamber of the Guardian in the previous questline; Alliance can use the Dalaran Crater portal again, Horde can just take their Undercity portal.

Upon entering the Sewers, you are placed in a single-player scenario, Rescue Koltira.

Stage 1: A Personal Request

  • Speak with Thassarian.
We must rescue Koltira quickly, before we are discovered.
Gossip Let's rescue Koltira and get out of here.

Stage 2: A Bold Rescue

  • Escort Thassarian through the Undercity.
Thassarian heads downward.
Thassarian says: Be ready for a fight, <name>. You and I will not be welcome here...
Thassarian says: Our brother has waited in chains long enough!

He continues his narrative. Thassarian will attack the first mob you come across, Sewer Sludges, aberration oozes.

Thassarian says: There was no trial for Koltira Deathweaver. Our attempts at diplomacy fell on deaf ears.
Thassarian says: The Horde and Alliance may be our allies, but the Ebon Blade does not bend the knee...

At the next Sewer Sludge, approaching the same spot will spawn four Blighted Ghouls; they have half the health of the Sludges.

Thassarian says: Ghouls... I should have known!

Clearing the way down into the Sewers' walkway, you now face appropriate-level Undercity Guardians. Fighting through them, Thassarian very briefly stops at the walkway's entrance to the Canals. (You may aggro a passing bat up here, but they are not hard to take down).

Thassarian says: This way, quickly!

Thassarian runs down to the right (southeast) and into the Apothecarium, taking down the Guardians along the way. He crosses the bridge and stops very briefly at the entrance of the main laboratory.

Thassarian says: Koltira is being held nearby! We must hurry!

In the lab is the boss of the scenario: Doctor Martin Felben's pet, a plague eruptor named Mob Gurgoth. It has 3,697,745 HP and uses Enraged Stomp, a physical knockback attack that can be sidestepped, and will Frenzy at low health. (There are reports that you can just use [Control Undead] on him and thus skip the fight, but also that this is likely not intended.)

After killing Gurgoth, Thassarian leads you to a small side room where Koltira is being held in a Prison Cage.

Final Stage: Prisoner No More

  • Rescue Koltira from the Apothecarium.
Thassarian says: We are here to free you at last, my brother.
Koltira Deathweaver says: Thassarian... is it really you?
Koltira Deathweaver says: It has been such a long time...
Thassarian says: Indeed, it has.
Thassarian says: We must hurry before the guards come.

Interact with the cage and free Koltira. He steps out, casts [Death Gate] and goes through. You can quickly use it to get back to Acherus.


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