A Piece of the Puzzle

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Alliance & HordeA Piece of the Puzzle
Start Alice Finn [37.7, 51.1]
End Alice Finn [37.5, 50.8]
Level 96 (Requires 96)
Category Spires of Arak
Experience 10890
Rewards  [Watch Commander Branson's Lapel]
10g 40s
Previous N [96] A Parting Favor
Next N [96] Second in Command


Kill the Horrific Aberration in the basement of the inn.


I... I remember now. Watch Commander Branson told us to stay in the inn... he said we would be safe here.


Then that THING broke through and slaughtered everyone!

The last thing I remember seeing was it descending into the larder.


You will receive:


Is the creature dead?


I will convince the others of our fate. There's no denying it anymore.


Downstairs to the first floor, run to the back of the greatroom and take a right next to Tickle Bubblefizz to head downstairs to the larder, past Miril Dumonde's objections:

Miril Dumonde says: Get out of here! Only staff is allowed in the larder.

In the basement is Watch Commander Branson, who is a skeleton!

Watch Commander Branson says: The villagers were easy. You're next.

At 20%:

Watch Commander branson says: You will not interrupt the master's plans!

Finish him off:

Watch Commander Branson says: I was promised... eternal life...

Head back upstairs to the kitchen, where Alice Finn has relocated:

Alice Finn says: Is... is it dead?


  1. A [96] Old Friends / H [96] What's Theirs is Ours
  2. B [96] I See Dead People
  3. N [96] A Parting Favor
  4. N [96] A Piece of the Puzzle
  5. N [96] Second in Command
  6. Complete both:
  7. B [96] Admiral Taylor
  8. A [30-40] Honoring a Hero / H [96] Surviving in a Savage Land
  9. A [96] For Old Time's Sake

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