A Quick Ear Hustle

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HordeA Quick Ear Hustle
Start Gazlowe
End Gazlowe
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Mechagon Island
Experience 8,950
Rewards 11g 70s
Previous H [120] The Legend of Mechagon
Next H [120] This is Our Vault Now


Wait for the Alliance to leave the vault.


Bad news. We're late.

The Alliance was already crawling all over the vault when we got here.

Lucky for us, some big commotion inside sent some of 'em running for the hills.

Most of 'em are still down in that vault, though, including that crazy braggart Tinkmaster Overspark.

Let's give 'em a few more minutes to clear out, so we don't have to go in guns blazing.


You will receive:

  • 11g 70s
  • 8,950 XP


What'd they find down there?


Told you that Overspark was a chump.

A boss has gotta respect his crew, or they won't respect him.


On accept
Gazlowe says: Someone's coming. Get behind the rock!
Hiding behind the fake rock
Tinkmaster Overspark says: Glorious! This is the greatest discovery of our time: Mechagon!
Gazlowe says: Mechagon? That's just a gnomish fairy tale...
Greasemonkey Engineer says: Be quiet!
Tinkmaster Overspark says: Naturally, I will lead this expedition. A matter of this magnitude demands it!
Tinkmaster Overspark says: I'm afraid there's no room for you in my gyrocopter. You will have to wait for Gila to pick you up.
IconSmall Gnome Male.gif Archaeo-Tinkologist says: He's not sending Gila to come get us, is he?
IconSmall Gnome Female.gif Archaeo-Tinkologist says: Not a chance.


  1. H [120] Rumors of Mechagon
  2. H [120] The Legend of Mechagon
  3. H [120] A Quick Ear Hustle
  4. H [120] This is Our Vault Now
  5. H [120] Let's Get It Started
  6. H [120] You Must be This Height
  7. H [120] Machinations for Mechagon
  8. H [120] Only the Best Will Do
  9. H [120] To Mechagon!
  10. H [120] Prospectus Bay
  11. H [120] We Come in Peace... and Profit

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