A Rediscovered Legend (Alliance)

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AllianceA Rediscovered Legend
Start Rangari Jonaa [53.1, 59.5]
End Gladiator Akaani [42.8, 63.0]
Level 93 (Requires 92)
Category Gorgrond
Experience 1410
Rewards 1g 89s
Previous A [93] We Need An Outpost
Next N [93] Getting Gladiators, N [93] Slave Hunters, N [93] Nazgrel, N [93] Krav'ogra


Find Gladiator Akaani near Stonemaul Arena in Gorgrond.


This Sparring Arena is a good start, but we will need trainers to help mold your forces into worthy fighters.

There has been a reported spotting of a draenei to the west who matches the description of Akaani.

This is interesting, as we all believed her dead. She was one of the finest warriors the draenei have ever fielded and a master of nearly any weapon forged or found.

Commander, you could not ask for a more skilled trainer. I advise seeking her out, if it is really her...


You will receive: 1g 89s


On approach

Gladiator Akaani says: Hold your arms, brothers. I do not believe this one serves the ogres.


You do not have the look of a Stonemaul bounty hunter.

We escaped the clutches of their vile arena but at a heavy cost. We were forced to leave too many allies behind and too many ogres breathing.

We could use a fresh face, one that is unknown to the ogres.


  • 1410 XP


Pick up A [93] Rage and Wisdom before heading out. Hold off on this quest for a bit, and work on the Rage and Wisdom chain first.

After meeting a rather notable Horde NPC in the Sulfur Basin, sneak off to the southwest to find Gladiator Akaani, Kash'drakor, and Beatface.


  1. B [93] A Rediscovered Legend
  2. Complete all of:
    • Gladiator recovery:
    1. N [93] Getting Gladiators
    2. N [93] The Axe of Kor'gall
  3. B [93] The Sparring Arena

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