A Rock Amongst Many

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NeutralA Rock Amongst Many
Start Gigantic Painite Cluster
End Diamant the Patient
Level 83 (Requires 82)
Category Deepholm
Experience 43900
Reputation +varies Therazane (to Friendly)
Rewards  [Helm of the Wormslayer] or  [Gyreworm Waistguard] or  [Insignia of the Earthen Lord]
Previous N [83] Depth of the Depths
Next N [83] Entrenched


Return to Diamant at Lorthuna's Gate with the Painite Chunk.


<The ground trembles slightly, and the low, familiar voice of Diamant speaks as if from the stone itself.>

You've done as I asked.

Turn back and escape the cave in one piece.

Don't forget the gemstone.

("Diamant the Patient. The Timeless. The Long-Winded.")


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv helmet 190.png [Helm of the Wormslayer] Inv belt 100.png [Gyreworm Waistguard]
Inv stone sharpeningstone 02.png [Insignia of the Earthen Lord]


You're alive. This is good.

Is the gemstone with you?


Well done, fleshling!

The gyreworms are among our most dangerous enemies.

The other Stone Lords shall have trouble not turning their head to this accomplishment.


Get out and run. After clearing the Scoured Reach, swap to a flying mount and return to Diamant.

Completing this quest bumps players up to Friendly with the Therazane faction. Therazane herself comes by to check in!

Therazane says: Is this the one you're wasting your time with, Diamant?
Diamant the Patient says: Not wasted, Stonemother. It has been very useful.
Diamant the Patient says: It stands to reason that it may be here for exactly the reasons it says it is.
Therazane says: Then you take responsibility for its actions, Stone Lord. You will be the one answering to me when it shows its true intent.
Therazane says: And you, fleshling, consider for a moment that you are entirely surrounded by rock in this place. The very earth you walk on bends to my will.
Therazane says: If you betray us, there will be no escape for you. I will crush your body so slowly that you shall hear every single one of your bones break.
Therazane says: I'm glad we had this talk.
Diamant the Patient says: You still have much to prove. But you've brought the stone. That is an excellent start.
Diamant the Patient says: The other Stone Lords have already heard my words.
Diamant the Patient says: They should show you a degree of trust.
Diamant the Patient says: At least enough so that you can prove yourself.
Diamant the Patient says: Take this signet as a testament of my good will. I pray that my trust is not misplaced.

Additionally, the siege upon the Temple of Earth has ceased. Huzzah!


  1. N [83] The Very Earth Beneath Our Feet
  2. N [83] Crumbling Defenses / N [83] On Even Ground / N [83] Core of Our Troubles
  3. N [83] Imposing Confrontation
  4. N [83] Rocky Relations
  5. N [83] Hatred Runs Deep / N [83] Unsolid Ground / N [83] Loose Stones
  6. N [83] Violent Gale
  7. N [83] Depth of the Depths
  8. N [83] A Rock Amongst Many
  9. N [83] Entrenched
  10. N [83] Intervention / N [83] Making Things Crystal Clear / N [83] Putting the Pieces Together
  11. N [83] Pebble (optional)
  12. N [83] Clingy
  13. N [83] So Big, So Round...
  14. N [83] Rock Bottom
  15. N [83] Steady Hand
  16. N [83] Don't. Stop. Moving.
  17. N [83] Hard Falls / N [83] Fragile Values
  18. N [83] Resonating Blow
  19. N [83] Rocky Upheaval
  20. Complete all of:
  21. N [83] Shaken and Stirred / N [83] Corruption Destruction / N [83] Wrath of the Fungalmancer
  22. N [83] At the Stonemother's Call
  23. N [83] Audience with the Stonemother
  24. N [83] Rallying the Earthen Ring
  25. N [83] Our Part of the Bargain
  26. N [83] The Stone March / N [83] Therazane's Mercy / N [83] The Twilight Flight
  27. N [83] Word In Stone
  28. N [83] Undying Twilight
  29. N [83] The Binding
  30. N [83] The Stone Throne

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