AllianceA Second Ally For the Cause
Start Anduin Wrynn [52.1, 13.4]
End Anduin Wrynn [52.1, 13.4]
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Allied Races
Previous A [45] Telogrus Rift or A [45] For the Light!
Next A [45] The Ghostlands or A [45] The Lightforged
For the Horde version of this quest, see H [110] A Second Ally For the Cause.

Anduin will offer A Second Ally For the Cause after completing the first allied race's introductory quest chain if another race can be unlocked.


Choose a second ally to pursue.

  • Choose another ally to pursue


You have taken an important first step in strengthening the Alliance, <name>. Well done.

But I fear a single new ally will not deter the Horde. The warchief will not rest until Orgrimmar's forces vastly outnumber the defenders of Stormwind.

I must ask that you work to secure our next ally. We cannot afford any delay.


We need all the allies we can get.


Begin at once, <name>. Stormwind honors your service.


Speak with Anduin again:

War is coming to Azeroth, <name>. It is time for us to bring in new allies to join our cause.
Gossip I am ready to pursue our next ally.

Selecting Anduin's gossip option will pop up the choice screen. Pick whichever option is available:

Void Elf
Alleria Windrunner has learned of a group of blood elves exiled for studying void magic. If these renegades could be located, Alleria believes she could train them to become weapons of the Alliance.
Lightforged Draenei
The Army of the Light played a key role in defeating the Burning Legion on Argus. High Exarch Turalyon has suggested that these Lightforged soldiers would proudly defend the Alliance against its foes.

Selecting an option will pop up one final confirmation:

Are you sure you wish to pursue this lead? You may only select one ally at a time.


  1. A [45] The Call for Allies
  2. A [10-50] A Choice of Allies
  3. One of:
    • Lightforged Draenei
    1. A [45] The Lightforged
    2. A [45] Forge of Aeons
    3. A [45] For the Light!
    • Void Elf
    1. A [45] The Ghostlands
    2. A [45] Telogrus Rift

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