A Shaman's Retribution is a short story in the World of Warcraft Official Strategy Guide.

A tauren shaman hears of a war that was just fought near Venture Company's mines in Mulgore from some warriors who were resting hoping to make another run at the remaining Venture Company workers. The war had between the fair Bloodhoof Village and Venture Company. He then travels to the mines alone, in anger, finding that he was surrounded by the dead. Fallen tauren, dwarves, and goblins. He brought the tauren back to life and told them to go, to return later and cleanse the place of any foulness that remained. They obeyed his order (still shaken from the return to their bodies).

He then fought his way into the mines alone, using his totems, and healing himself as he went, killing many enemies. Just when he thought that this battle would be his death, the tauren he had sent away returned to help him, and they cleared the mine of the Venture Company. They celebrated the victory, glad that they had prevented the Venture Company from destroying their land.


  • Hinted to be non-canon.[1]