NeutralA Simple Plan
Start Master Mathias Shaw
End Taoshi
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Rogue Campaign
Experience 8,230
Rewards 9g 70s
Previous N Rogue [45] Picking a Fight
Next N Rogue [45] Under Cover of Darkness


Hear Mathias Shaw's plan and then cast your vote.

  • Mathias Shaw's plan
  • Deciding Vote cast


Like many dreadlords, Detheroc cannot help but gloat. He was careless and I overheard many of his plans while I was held captive.

With your leave, I would like to underscore the gravity of the situation in Stormwind. The fate of Azeroth hangs in the balance.

But for all of that, I have a simple plan: get 'em.


You will receive: 9g 70s


We need to listen to Shaw's plan and then come to a consensus on the way forward.


Then, it's decided. We either expose Detheroc or it's war between the Alliance and Horde, and we lose the world to the Burning Legion.



To cast your vote, use the special extra action button that appears in the bottom center of your screen once Mathias Shaw's plan is explained.

The plan
Taoshi says: The situation in Stormwind is worse than we thought. We have a plan to reveal Detheroc for the imposter that he is. Master Shaw?
Master Mathias Shaw says: First, allow me to express my gratitude that you risked your lives to rescue me.
Master Mathias Shaw says: Taoshi is correct. The situation is dire and degrading quickly. The Alliance is about to launch an attack on the Horde.
Master Mathias Shaw says: Posing as me, Detheroc is whispering lies about the Horde in the ears of the new king of Stormwind. He must be stopped before it is too late.
Master Mathias Shaw says: The plan is simple: sneak into Stormwind, expose Detheroc, and then kill him.
Master Mathias Shaw says: Tethys will get us to the harbor by sea. We will have to stealth through to SI:7. We cannot fly in; Detheroc has snipers on the rooftops and wanted posters up with all of our faces.
Taoshi says: Thank you, Master Shaw. That's the plan, Uncrowned. All in favor?

The player-character then casts the deciding vote.


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