AllianceA Small Team
Start Gila Crosswires
End Gila Crosswires
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Category Tiragarde Sound
Experience 8,950
Rewards 11g 70s
Previous A [50] Report to Gila
Next A [50] The Start of Something Bigger


Gather the team members.


I've determined the single attribute that is most important for a team member to survive an expedition to Mechagon.

That attribute is...being a gnome!

Gather these gnomes and meet Tinkmaster Overspark and myself at the departure point.


You will receive:

  • 11g 70s
  • 8,950 XP


Everyone and everything is packed up and ready to go.


Entering the Safe House
Sapphronetta Flivvers says: Kablamo! The tea is ready.
Sapphronetta Flivvers says: This batch is stronger than the last!

Sapphronetta is surrouned by Tea Mugs, Crate of Azerite, Azerite Bag, and Pouch of Azerite.

Speaking with Sapphronetta

I've just discovered the two-hundred and forty third most useful thing to do with Azerite.

Grab a cup of tea and test it out!

Gossip We need you for Mechagon.

Ooh, Mechagon, I heard it had been discovered!
All the new technology! The possibilities make my toes wiggle!
You bet I'll go! There's just one problem...
Gossip What problem?
If you want me to come with you, you gotta invite my partner in life, love, and the lab...Grizzek Fizzwrench.

Scoot upstairs and tell him the good news!

Gossip Tea?

I modified my Lightning Blast 3000 to a lower frequency allowing it to fuse tea leaves with Azerite particles.
The taste of the tea, pairs perfectly with the energetic and lively nature of the Azerite ore. The results are most exciting... and surprisingly smooth!
Gossip That sounds interesting.

Grizzek is upstairs with a  [Clockwork Rocket Bot].

Speaking with Grizzek

I bet you was expecting someone taller, less green, maybe a gnome?

Gossip Your partner in life, love, and the lab says I should invite you to come to Mechagon.

Grizzek walks to Saffy.
Grizzek Fizzwrench says: Alright, Punkin, let's go find this King Mechagon!
Sapphronetta Flivvers says: Selaya, we'll start packing and meet you later at the departure point.
Grizzek Fizzwrench says: I'll get my fuses, the spare rocket packs and the Azerite.
Sapphronetta Flivvers says: We'll need a disguise for you, Grizzek. We don't want to attract too much attention.
Sapphronetta Flivvers says: We'll need the auto-hammer, the electromagnet, the micro-anvil, and the tea press.
Grizzek Fizzwrench says: Let's bring that entire crate of pirate scout cookies we bought!
Sapphronetta Flivvers says: I'm bringing the full set of sixty-two hydrospanners.
Grizzek heads back upstairs.
Grizzek Fizzwrench says: Where's my socks?
Approaching the Cog Captain
Cog Captain Winklespring says: This <race> may know what's going on.
A Gyrocopter Engineer is hammering into a Gnome Toolbox. Next to her is a Box of Scrolls. There are also an Expedition Transport and an Expedition Scout on a flying machine.
Speaking with the Cog Captain

The Tinkmaster sent word that you needed skilled pilots, so my crew and I came as fast as we could.

Gossip We need you for Mechagon.

Cog Captain Winklespring says: See you at the departure point!
Cog Captain Winklespring says: Everyone pack up, we're headed to Mechagon!
Winklespring walks to a flying machine, hops on it, and flies away.

Gossip Have we met before? I don't know, you spend any time in Gnomeregan?

Reach the departure point
Overspark has just met Grizzek, who is wearing a complete skin-covering outfit with a Hallow's End witch's hat, handkerchief mask, and sunglasses, along with a  [Gnomeregan Tabard].
Tinkmaster Overspark says: I must say, Grizzek, your outfit is quite peculiar.
Sapphronetta Flivvers says: It's for the... uh... radiation poisoning! Right, sweetie?
Grizzek Fizzwrench says: Right! The radiation. From Gnomeregan. Where I am definitely from.


  1. A [50] Fame Waits for Gnome One
  2. A [50] The Legend of Mechagon
  3. A [50] Looking Inside
  4. A [50] Let's Get It Started
  5. A [50] You Must be This Height
  6. A [50] Report to Gila
  7. A [50] A Small Team
  8. A [50] The Start of Something Bigger
  9. A [50] Princely Visit

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