• A Steamy Romance Novel: Blue Moon
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A Steamy Romance Novel: Blue Moon can be obtained by pickpocketing Argent Confessor Paletress. Additionally, Martar the Not-So-Smart in Jade Forest has a slim chance to drop it as well.

A Steamy Romance Novel: Blue Moon
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Tail swooshing and hips swaying, the curvy figure walked purposefully across the lake toward the man resting by the shore; rising quickly as she approached, he appeared visibly happy to be in her presence. Blue arms flowed over his shoulders as a smooth tail coiled seductively around his waist. "Why must I travel so far to be meeting man like you?" Her voice carried a strong, alluring accent.

Grinning wildly, he gently pushed her away, openly staring as the light caught her features.

"Up here!", she exclaimed in playful anger.

With a helpless shrug, he reached into his pack and pulled out a small pouch. "My wonderful Soola, I've brought you something." Confidence wrapped his words like a steel blanket.

She plucked the tiny bag from his hands, excitedly pulling it open and revealing a citrine pendant.

"Oh... Marcus, you shouldn't have."

The usual teasing was gone from his voice, "Every facet lights the sky, and my heart, with your beautiful reflection."

Soola frowned. "Uh... no. I meant you really shouldn't have. I could craft something better by accident."

For the first time, possibly ever, Marcus looked hurt. His shoulders slumped slightly, the cocky, ever-present grin missing from his handsome face.

Soola opened her mouth to speak, smiling warmly; a glowing rune appeared above her eyes. "I don't think I can mend your feelings, even with my Gift."

Despite the statement, her words seemed to do the trick, Marcus smirked roguishly as he adjusted his leg plates, "Well you aren't the only gifted one."

Silence penetrated the room with palpable force as the conversation shifted to the language shared by all races of Azeroth.

Minutes became hours, until their passionate dialog was interrupted by lightning streaking from the cloudless sky, thunderously slamming into the lake's surface and bathing them in steam.

"Is something wrong?", Marcus asked.

"No my Marcus, you're just off to a great start."

The remaining pages have been thoroughly destroyed by the elements.


This novel is the rarest of the romance novels.

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