• A Steamy Romance Novel: Waves of Desire
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A Steamy Romance Novel: Waves of Desire
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Lord Gravesbane stared out through the porthole, watching the waves rise and fall in time with the aching that tormented him inside. How long had she kept him waiting here in the cabin of his luxury schooner? He felt the keen edge of his desire growing more insistent, spurring his impatience.

At last the cabin door swung open. She paused in the doorway, torchlight playing about the hem of her low-cut silken gown as the shadows danced upon her pale sin'dorei skin. "Am I late, my lord?" she asked, chewing on the fullness of her lower lip.

He found himself speechless as his jaw dropped to the floor. He knelt to pick it up, rising as he snapped it back into place.

"Some things are worth waiting for, Lady Sunskin." He held out his hand, beckoning her closer.

For a moment, a look of uncertainty crossed the highborne's brow, her shallow breaths hung heavy with hesitation and longing. She brushed her fingertips across the cold, pallid skin of his cheek. "I hope your desiccation doesn't hinder your enthusiasm, Lord Gravesbane."

He took her hand and kissed it with his one good lip. "Fear not, my darling. My jaw isn't what it used to be, but my tongue remains as limber as ever."

"Oh, Lord Gravesbane!" she swooned, falling into his arms. He relished the warmth of her skin as he guided her toward the leather harness hanging over his bed.

<The story continues for many more chapters, laden with "porthole" puns.>

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