A Stolen Stone Fiend

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NeutralA Stolen Stone Fiend
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Type World Quest
Category Revendreth
Experience 9,450
Reputation +125 Court of Harvesters


  • Missing Stone Fiend found
  • Missing Stone Fiend found
  • Missing Stone Fiend found
  • Missing Stone Fiend found
  •  [Stone Fiend Tracker] (provided)


Theotar says: Someone has stolen a prized stone fiend from House Primrose. Such flagrant thievery cannot go unpunished! Find the fiend, and whomever is responsible.


You will receive:


Theotar says: House Primrose will be in your debt.


Use the quest item and follow the anima orb to find Chip in the Old Gate[57.26, 39.81], then in the Redelav District[54.37, 38.42], and lastly Chalice District[52.44, 47]. You then find Chip being attacked held by Edgar the Collector in the Chalice District[46.11, 48.81], who is the final objective.

On pull
Edgar the Collector says: I won't give up the fiend without a fight!
Upon defeat
Edgar the Collector says: My collection is... incomplete...

After killing Edgar, head behind the house. The dredger Penkle will give you a key that opens the cage for the battle pet stone fiend Dal[45.33, 47.84].

Penkle gossip text
Guess you the boss now? Gonna be needin' this key then.
  • The names of the stone fiends, Chip and Dal, are likely a reference to the 20th century cartoon characters Chip 'n' Dale.

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