A Stranger's Plea

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NeutralA Stranger's Plea
Start Chieftain Hatuun [58.8, 78.2]
End Prophet Velen [54.2, 75.4]
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Krokuun
Reputation +150 Argussian Reach
Rewards 14g 60s
Previous N [110] Alone in the Abyss
Next N [110] Vengeance


Heal 8 Felbound Drudges.


My people... enslaved...

Beaten... within death's grasp...

<The cowled figure weakly raises his arm, handing you a small liquid skin.>

Help... us...


You will receive: 14g 60s


We... will... never... serve...


A cowled figure... and it did not attack you?

Most curious.



Approach Chieftain Hatuun
Chieftain Hatuun says: Help... Help... me...
Quest accept
Chieftain Hatuun says: You have my thanks, outsider. May our paths cross again.
Felbound Drudge healed
  • Felbound Drudge says: The earth writhes in agony. All life fuel for the fel.
  • Felbound Drudge says: They will not find us all. Not in the shadows.
  • Felbound Drudge says: Do not go near. You too will perish.
  • Felbound Drudge says: Must resist. Must fight. Must survive.
  • Felbound Drudge says: The Light cannot be found here. Only death.
  • Felbound Drudge says: Our souls fuel their magic. Even death has no solace.
  • Felbound Drudge says: Those who disobey are sent to the forest. None return.
  • Felbound Drudge says: There is no fighting them. With each death they return!


  1. B [110] The Hand of Fate
  2. B [110] Two If By Sea
  3. N [110] Light's Exodus
  4. N [110] The Vindicaar
  5. N [110] Into the Night
  6. N [110] Alone in the Abyss
  7. N [110] Righteous Fury & N [110] Overwhelming Power & N [110] A Stranger's Plea
  8. N [110] Vengeance
  9. N [110] Signs of Resistance
  10. N [110] The Prophet's Gambit
  11. N [110] Rendezvous
  12. N [110] From Darkness
  13. N [110] Threat Reduction & N [110] Prisoners No More
  14. N [110] A Strike at the Heart
  15. N [110] Return to the Vindicaar
  16. N [110] A Moment of Respite
  17. N [110] Gathering Light
  18. N [110] Crystals Not Included & N [110] The Best Prevention & N [110] A Grim Equation
  19. N [110] Fire At Will
  20. N [110] Locating the Longshot
  21. N [110] Bringing the Big Guns
  22. N [110] Lightly Roasted
  23. N [110] The Light Mother
  24. N [110] Light's Return
  25. N [110] The Child of Light and Shadow
  26. N [110] Essence of the Light Mother
  27. N [110] The Vindicaar Matrix Core
  28. N [110] An Offering of Light
  29. N [45] The Burning Heart — onwards to the Antoran Wastes

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