A Strategic Alliance

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HordeA Strategic Alliance
Start ?
End Lar Prowltusk
Level 8 (Requires 5)
Category Durotar
Experience 530
Reputation +75 Orgrimmar
+75 Darkspear Trolls
Next H [8] Thwarting Kolkar Aggression


Seek out Lar Prowltusk on the western flank of Sen'jin Village.


Thrall is a most wise and noble leader. His tenacity on the battlefield is matched only by his diplomatic tact.

The Darkspear Trolls have proven to be invaluable allies to orckind. Out of loyalty and honor we have sworn a pact of protection with them.

The Warchief has sent orders to make sure our Darkspear friends in Sen'jin Village are not under any direct threat. One of their most trusted scouts, Lar Prowltusk is keeping a close watch on their western flank.

Seek out Lar and assist as needed.


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