A Swift Message

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AllianceA Swift Message
Start Smith Argus
End Bartlett the Brave
Level 7 (Requires 5)
Category Elwynn Forest
Experience 160 EXP
Next A [7] Continue to Stormwind


Bring  [Argus' Note] to Bartlett the Brave the gryphon master.


Although we don't get much aid from Stormwind directly, I do have a contact in the city who helps supply us with armor. His name is Osric Strang. His shop, Limited Immunity, is in the Old Town of Stormwind.

Our supply of armor dwindles, and I must contact Osric for more. Can you take him this note?

The fastest way to Stormwind is through Bartlett the Brave, our gryphon master. He's just outside of the smithy; bring him my note, and then take a gryphon to Stormwind.


You look like you're in a hurry. Well, then you came to the right place!


You have to get this note to Stormwind? That's not a problem, you can take one of my gryphons!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


  • This quest chain is Human only.


  1. A [7] A Swift Message
  2. A [7] Continue to Stormwind
  3. A [7] Dungar Longdrink
  4. A [7] Return to Argus

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