A Tale of Six Masters

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AllianceA Tale of Six Masters
Start Sandahl
End Sandahl
Level 90 (Requires 90)
Category Warlock
Experience 236,000
Reputation 19g 84s 50c
Rewards  [Legacy of the Masters (Part 1)]
Previous N Warlock [90] Reader for the Dead Tongue
Next N Warlock [90] Seeking the Soulstones


Read the first chapter of the Legacy of the Masters.


This book may be just the leverage we've been seeking...

How familiar are you with the Council of the Black Harvest, <name>?

After Deathwing was defeated, six of the greatest Warlocks gathered together to teach all Warlocks advanced forms of magic stolen from our defeated foes.

Take a look at the tome beside me...


You will receive:
Inv misc note 02.png [Legacy of the Masters (Part 1)]
19g 84s 50c


Well, what did you think?


You are now ready to learn more...


  1. N Warlock [35] An Unusual Tome
  2. N Warlock [90] Reader for the Dead Tongue
  3. B Warlock [90] A Tale of Six Masters
  4. N Warlock [90] Seeking the Soulstones
  5. N Warlock [90] Seek the Signal
  6. N Warlock [90] Infiltrating the Black Temple

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