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A Taste For Blood

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NeutralA Taste For Blood
Start Automatic
End Ma'haat the Indomitable
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Shaman Campaign
Experience 16,450
Rewards 19g 40s
Previous N Shaman [110] Ma'haat the Indomitable
Next N Shaman [110] Return to Janai



You will receive: 19g 40s


Such an egg is quite precious, fleshling. Yet, my hunger gnaws so deep...

Such a barter will cost you... greatly.

Bring me 5[sic] Blood of Sargeras, and I will give you the egg.


<Ma'haat the Indomitable guzzles the Blood of Sargeras down his throat as he speaks.>

Yesh... thish ish... just what I wanted. The egg ish... yoursh!



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