NeutralA Taste For Eggs

Singing Marshes
Start Master Bruised Paw [18.3, 31.2]
End Master Bruised Paw [18.3, 31.2]
Level 87 (Requires 86)
Category Valley of the Four Winds
Experience 129000
Rewards 10g 20s
Previous N [87] Unyielding Fists: Trial of Wood
Next N [87] Unyielding Fists: Trial of Stone


Emperor Tern Egg

Whitefisher Crane Egg

Hornbill Strider Egg

Obtain 10 Emperor Tern Eggs, 4 Whitefisher Crane Eggs, and 1 Hornbill Strider Egg.


I can sense your anxiety, but you are not ready yet. Your training must continue before you perform the final test. As for your task... I need you to fetch me some eggs.

Yes, eggs. The marshland atop the hills to the east is home to a number of birds, all of which are generally peaceful in nature. You should have no trouble gathering enough eggs to last me several weeks.


You will receive: 10g 20s


How is your egg hunt going?


Now you know why I don't gather the eggs myself.

Shall we continue your training?


  • 129000 XP


Cross the little pond to the southeast and head up the big hill to reach the Singing Marshes up on high. Whitefisher Crane Eggs are large, white eggs on the open ground, but looting eggs will aggro any of the nearby neutral cranes. Emperor Tern Eggs are small pink eggs nestled in groups of 3-4 next to big rocks guarded by a handful of terns. The Hornbill Strider Egg is inside the cave to the northeast. Kill the guarding strider, loot the egg, then head back to the master.

On complete, another training montage.


  1. N [87] Lin Tenderpaw
  2. N [87] Stemming the Swarm & N [87] Evacuation Orders
  3. N [87] The Hidden Master
  4. N [87] Unyielding Fists: Trial of Bamboo
  5. N [87] They Will Be Mist & N [87] Fog Wards & N [87] Tenderpaw By Name, Tender Paw By Reputation
  6. N [87] Unyielding Fists: Trial of Wood
  7. N [87] A Taste For Eggs
  8. N [87] Unyielding Fists: Trial of Stone
  9. N [87] Training and Discipline

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