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A Temple in Need

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For the demo version, see N [50] A Temple In Need.
NeutralA Temple in Need
Start Eridia [54.1, 73.6]
End Eridia [59.4, 78.0]
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Category Bastion
Experience 6,800
Rewards 23g 63s 40c
Previous N [50] The Temple of Purity
Next N [51] A Wayward Disciple?


Aid the disciples within the Temple of Purity.


<Eridia peers down at you.>

Your face is new to me.

<Eridia frowns.>

I regret that this shall be your introduction to our temple. As my disciple has informed you, we seek the aid of all available aspirants to tend to those in our care.

Do not trouble yourself over the specifics of the work that is needed. Those devoted to this temple will guide you. Seek out the disciples within.

You may find me within the temple when you have given your aid.


You will receive:

  • 23g 63s 40c
  • 6,800 XP


You have proven yourself adept at this task. You have my gratitude.


On accept:

Eridia says: Kleia, assist the paragon. Pelagos, you and our new aspirant will aid the disciples. Go in service.
Pelagos says: Yes, ascended one.

Cross in to the Temple of Purity proper:

Pelagos says: The Paragon is there, across the temple... and so many awaiting their rites.

Just inside, Disciple Kosmas is speaking to a few Cleansing Aspirants:

Disciple Kosmas says: Those who fall will find respite in the Temple of Loyalty, until they can return to the path.

He offers a mandatory quest: N [50] On the Edge of a Revelation. Pick it up before moving onward.

Disciple Fotima

To the northwest, Disciple Fotima is overseeing Acolyte Danysia:

You there! Did the Hand of Purity send you to me?
I have need of one who can subdue the manifestations that may arise as part of this cleansing. Can you lend me your aid?

Gossip I will help you.

Disciple Fotima says: We must act quickly.
Disciple Fotima says: Let the vesper's song fill your mind!
Acolyte Danysia says: It.... hurts...
Disciple Fotima says: Let it go. It will pass.

Danysia's Burden appears, taking the form of a male human, killing a female human with rogue abilities.

Disciple Fotima says: Her burden reveals itself. As with many, it is a memory of the one she could not save in life.
Disciple Fotima says: Dispatch this remnant, so she may be purified.

Defeat it:

Disciple Fotima says: It is done. How do you feel, acolyte?
Acolyte Danysia says: Lighter... and clearer.
Disciple Fotima says: You are one step closer to your ascension, sister.
Disciple Fotima says: You have my thanks, <name>.

Exit the area and Pelagos chimes in:

Pelagos says: That went well. Certainly better than my last cleansing.

Disciple Helene

To the southwest, Disciple Helene is working with Acolyte Galistos:

Are you here to help us?
I am in the midst of assisting this acolyte. He has chosen this day to meditate upon the pleasant things.
Perhaps I can teach you a little about the cleansing process as we work. What say you?

Gossip Tell me how I can help.

Disciple Helene says: Thank you, <name>. I think you will find this exercise enlightening as well.
Disciple Helene says: As you will see, not all the memories that bind us are violent.
Tauren appear nearby.
Disciple Helene says: Ah, I see. Bonds of kinship are strong indeed.
Disciple Helene says: A light touch will dismiss these images, <name>.

Interact with them to dispel them:

Disciple Helene says: Stronger still are bonds forged in war. This acolyte fought alongside his people in a great conflict.

Dispel these images as well:

Disciple Helene says: Closest to many are the bonds of family. They will not be easy to forget.
Disciple Helene says: Just a little deeper... Oh!
Disciple Helene says: Wrestle control back, acolyte!
Acolyte Galistos says: I can't! AHHHH!
Disciple Helene says: Quickly, <name>, dismiss these memories!

Dispel the last:

Disciple Helene says: Calm... calm... we will try again another time.
Disciple Helene says: Are you still with us?
Acolyte Galistos says: I think so. Yes.
Disciple Helene says: Rest, for now. That was a difficult thing you just endured.

Leave the area:

Pelagos says: I remember my family, doubtful they would recognize me now! I hope when I must forget, it goes... not like that.

Disciple Lykaste

To the northeast are Disciple Lykaste and Acolyte Erisne:

Ahhh, help at last!
One of my acolytes is struggling to cleanse a truly horrific memory.
I dare not release it without your consent. Will you help her defeat it?

Gossip Begin the cleansing. I am ready.

Disciple Lykaste says: Steel yourself. Your burden is buried deep.
Acolyte Erisne says: I am prepared.
Disciple Lykaste says: This Vesper's mighty song will draw it forth!
Disciple Lykaste says: This is the moment! Fight it!

The image of an eredar appears:

Erisne's Burden says: You were powerless before me. You are powerless now.
Acolyte Erisne says: I am... powerless...
Erisne's Burden says: You know the path forward. Let me in.
Disciple Lykaste says: No! You must resist!

The memory enters Erisne and she falls:

Fallen Acolyte Erisne says: Long have I toiled in this temple. And for what?
Fallen Acolyte Erisne says: No more. I will walk this path no longer!
Disciple Lykaste says: Acolyte! No!

Defeat her:

Disciple Lykaste says: Erisne... why? Why did you not fight?
Fallen Acolyte Erisne says: Look around you, disciple. We are all destined to fall, eventually.
Disciple Lykaste says: I refuse to believe that to be true. Go. Loyalty awaits you, acolyte.
Disciple Lykaste says: I must inform the Paragon. To lose an acolyte, at the end of their trials, no less...
Disciple Lykaste says: Thank you. And I am sorry.

Leaving the area, Pelagos chimes in:

Pelagos says: Many have fallen recently. The Temple of Loyalty is trying their best to bring them back to the path.


Head southeast to find Eridia in her chamber:

Eridia says: It seems our new aspirant has done much to bolster you, Pelagos.


  1. N [50] The Temple of Purity
  2. N [50] A Temple in Need, N [50] On the Edge of a Revelation
  3. N [51] A Wayward Disciple?
  4. N [50] Step Back From That Ledge, My Friend
  5. N [50] A Once Sweet Sound, N [50] The Hand of Purification, N [50] Dangerous Discourse
  6. N [50] The Enemy You Know
  7. N [50] The Hand of Doubt
  8. N [50] Purity's Prerogative

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