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A Thousand Years of War pdf cover

A Thousand Years of War is an audio drama written by Robert Brooks and narrated by Steven Pacey. It was released on September 21, 2017.


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  • Originally, as shown in Beyond the Dark Portal and hinted in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, Turalyon and Alleria did resurface back in Hellfire Peninsula from a dimensional rift after the destruction of Draenor and returned to Honor Hold alongside Khadgar, Danath, and Kurdran. They then were stated to have disappeared 3 years later. The audio-drama, however, retcons these events, Turalyon and Alleria never resurfaced from the rift Ner'zhul opened that they used to escape Draenor.
  • The Illidan novel stated that Argus was now "located on the brink between the Twisting Nether and the Great Dark Beyond". A Thousand Years of War however states that "Argus was within the Twisting Nether. Every enemy the army felled would stay down forever." and that Argus is "fully shrouded within the Nether".
  • Turalyon forged a new weapon[1], a sword infused with holy light. It resembles the Great Royal Sword, his friend Anduin Lothar's blade of which he retrieved a half after his death, and may have been used in the process of creating this new weapon.
  • The male characters in the story are voiced by Andres Williams, while the females are voiced by Clare Corbett.[2]



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