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A Toast to 15 Years

A Toast to 15 Years of World of Warcraft!

A Toast to 15 Years was uploaded on the launch date for World of Warcraft: Classic.


A Toast to 15 Years


Nice to see you guys, I'm going to play Free Bird now.

  • Everyone, a toast to 15 years of World of Warcraft!
  • We met many years ago, upon a dusty road.
  • You, a humble priest, and me a feeble rogue
  • We were the weakest of the weak, the lowest of the low
  • But when we fought together, a legend did grow.

  • We battled our way from Blackrock Spire to Molten Core
  • Took 40 hours for Ragnaros and only wanted more
  • Our days of being weak are firmly in the past
  • And now our shields are stronger, our bonds are built to last!

  • (the crowd) Nananana

  • So whether you're for the Alliance, or if you're for the Horde
  • It's time to toast to 15 years, everyone raise your sword!
  • No enemy can defeat us, there's no battle we can't win.
  • When we crunch the numbers, stand together and....
  • LEEEROOY JENKINS! (as the man tackles a person)
  • Damn it, Leeroy!

  • (the crowd) Nananana

  • Now I have a little news for you, something of a treat.
  • Are you ready to travel Azeroth on your own two feet?
  • We're going back to a place where anything can kill ya.
  • So polish your shield, sharpen your axe, WE'RE GOING BACK TO VANILLA!



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