A Touch of Fel

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NeutralA Touch of Fel
Start Image of Grand Artificer Romuul
End Image of Grand Artificer Romuul
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Krokuun
Reputation +250 Army of the Light
Rewards 19g 40s
Previous N [110] Scars of the Past
N [110] Preventive Measures
N [110] Chaos Theory
Next N [110] Dawn of Justice


Collect an Immaculate Felcore.


Our warframe is almost operational! It just needs a good jolt to revitalize its systems.

Warlocks in the pools below infuse pieces of Argus with fel energy to create living siege weapons. If you can extract one, we can use it to jumpstart the warframe's Judgment Core!


You will receive: 19g 40s


Remember - immaculate!


Yes! This is it!



Kill any of the fel elementals in Nath'raxas Hold until the Immaculate Felcore drops.

Quest accept
Image of Grand Artificer Romuul says: Remember, even number of facets, no occlusions. It has to be just so!
Quest completion
Image of Grand Aritficer Romuul says: High Exarch, our warframe is fully operational. Behold!
The Lightforged Warframe fires off a couple shots as demonstration.


  1. N [45] The Speaker Calls
  2. N [110] Visions of Torment
  3. N [110] Dire News
  4. N [110] Storming the Citadel
  5. N [110] Scars of the Past & N [110] Preventive Measures & N [110] Chaos Theory
  6. N [110] Heralds of Apocalypse & N [110] Dark Machinations & N [110] A Touch of Fel
  7. N [110] Dawn of Justice
  8. N [110] Lord of the Spire
  9. N [110] Forming a Bond

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