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A Tribute to the Dead

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NeutralA Tribute to the Dead
Start Inkmaster Jo Po
End Inkmaster Jo Po
Level 90 (Requires 85)
Category Weekly
Experience 236,000 XP
Rewards 11g 40s (or 19g 84s 50c if completed at level 100)


Create an Inscribed Monument Stone and bring it to Inkmaster Jo Po at the Arboretum, in the Jade Forest. The recipe can be found in your Inscription pane under Quests.

Provided item:


All things must come to an end - even the life of a good man. A family in Kun Lai has commissioned a monument for their beloved patriarch who has passed on recently. Will you accept the commission?






You will receive: 11g 40s (or 19g 84s 50c if completed at level 90)


236,000 XP

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