NeutralA Very Special Kind of Fuel
Start Allari the Souleater
End Jace Darkweaver
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Type Dungeon
Category Demon Hunter Campaign
Rewards 77g 60s
Previous N Demon hunter [45] Preparations for Invasion
N Demon hunter [45] One Battle at a Time
Next N Demon hunter [45] Jump-Capable


Collect 15 Sovereign Souls from bosses in Legion dungeons.


All Legion constructs, including the Fel Hammer, are powered by souls. If we are going to take the command center to Niskara, we are going to need some very powerful souls, indeed!

You are a very creative person, <name>. I am certain that you will find a way to get what we need from the right sorts of creatures.


You will receive:

  • 77g 60s


<Name>, do you have what Allari asked you to harvest for fuel?


Of course. Like all Legion constructs, the Fel Hammer is powered by souls. You have collected some of the most powerful souls around.

They should be enough to take us anywhere you want to go.


This quest can be completed on any dungeon difficulty.

Quest accept
Allari the Souleater says: The Scythe of Souls tells me that it's jealous of you harvesting so many powerful spirits.


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