HordeA Visit with the Greatmother
Start Garrosh
End Greatmother Geyah
Level 15-30
Category Nagrand
Experience 1200
(or 72s at level 70)
Reputation +50 The Mag'har
Next H [15-30] Material Components

This quest is the first in the Hero of the Mag'har quest chain. You must complete H [15-30] The Totem of Kar'dash, H [15-30] Message to Garadar, and N [15-30] Forge Camp: Annihilated to begin this quest chain.


Speak to Greatmother Geyah and listen to what she has to tell you.


The Greatmother has asked that I seek you out and deliver a message. She wishes to speak with you at once.

My will has been sapped but make no mistake, <Name>, if you anger the Greatmother, I will come down upon you with all the force that I can muster. She is in the main hall.

<Garrosh points at the large building to the north.>

Listen to what she has to say and do as she tells you.


Please, sit down, dear.


Gossip Hello, Greatmother. Garrosh told me that you wanted to speak to me.

Hello, dear. I am Geyah, matron of the Mag'har.
<Greatmother Geyah coughs.>
If you are here, it would be safe to assume that the portal has opened. Most of the orcs here were too young or too sick to remember the Dark Portal.
<Greatmother Geyah points to the orcs around her.>
Many of them were orphans or would soon become orphans. Aye, Blackhand would have it no other way. Keep the sick from the healthy. Only the strong would survive... Or so they say.

Gossip You raised all the orcs here, Greatmother?

They have grown up here. We kept them safe from harm. We did the best that we could in nursing them back to health. Many perished but many, many more grew strong. Like Garrosh...
<Greatmother Geyah sighs.>
He has lost his heart, you know. He tells me that I am his balance. That without me, the bloodlust that consumed his father and ultimately cursed our people would take him over.

Gossip Do you believe that?

<Greatmother Geyah laughs weakly.>
Of course not, dear. But it's not me that has to believe...
Garrosh can lead the Mag'har. He is strong and wise. All of the spirits approve of him. He just needs to believe in himself. He fears so much... He fears so deeply that if he lets himself go, his rage will consume him and all that would be near him.

Gossip What can be done? I have tried many different things. I have done my best to help the people of Nagrand. Each time I have approached Garrosh, he has dismissed me.

I wish I knew, dear. He will not listen to you nor will he listen to me. In truth, it is why I am still here. It is why I have not left with Mother Kashur. He must find his heart. Our people will not survive through the winter without leadership.

Gossip Left? How can you choose to leave?

<Greatmother Geyah smiles.>
I am old. When I pass, my spirit will move on to the spirit realm. It is there that I will stand with my ancestors. It is there that we will watch over our people.
When Garad was alive, Mother Kashur's duty was the same as my duty now.

Gossip What is this duty?

The duty of a clan mother is to listen. To listen to the wind and the water and the fire and the earth. To gather information for her clan in the way others gather furs to stay warm. It is the spirits that I commune with... In my dreams, Mother Kashur speaks to me like the spirits that spoke to her once... When I pass, I will speak to Drakia and Celestine in this manner.
<Greatmother Geyah smiles.>

Gossip Is there anything I can do for you, Greatmother?


We must first expand your mind so that you may commune with the ancestors.


  • 1200 XP (or 72s at 80)
  • + 50 Mag'har Reputation


Hero of the Mag'har quest chain

  1. H [15-30] A Visit with the Greatmother
  2. H [15-30] Material Components
  3. H [15-30] To Meet Mother Kashur
  4. H [15-30] The Agitated Ancestors
  5. H [15-30] A Visit With the Ancestors
  6. H [15-30] When Spirits Speak
  7. H [15-30] A Secret Revealed
  8. H [15-30D] Auchindoun...
  9. H [15-30] What the Soul Sees
  10. H [15-30] Return to the Greatmother
  11. H [15-30] The Inconsolable Chieftain
  12. H [15-30] There Is No Hope
  13. H [68] Thrall, Son of Durotan
  14. H [68] Hero of the Mag'har

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