A Weezil in the Henhouse

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HordeA Weezil in the Henhouse
Start Gann Stonespire
End Weezil Slipshadow
Level 35 (Requires 32)
Category Southern Barrens
Experience 3,300 XP
Reputation +250 rep with Thunder Bluff
Rewards 35s
Previous H [34] Tauren Vengeance
Next H [35] Dwarf Fortress


Head into the Bael'Dun Keep and kill 10 Bael'Dun Dwarves (Riflemen, Soldiers, and Officers.) Then find Weezil Slipshadow, who should be hiding within

  • Bael'dun Dwarves Slain (10)


<Gann grasps you with a blood-caked hand.>

My wounds are great but I will not rest until the dwarves of Bael Modan pay for their crimes. <Wheeze> We smuggled a man inside their fortress during our last raid. A goblin saboteur: Weezil Slipshadow.

Create a disruption at the gates - kill who you can - then slip inside the fortress of Bael'dun to the south and find Weezil.

That stronghold <cough> can only be destroyed from within, and Weezil can't do it alone.


You do good work, <class>. That riot you caused at the fortress entrance has these dwarves running around with their heads cut off.





  1. H [34] Flightmare
  2. H [34] Tauren Vengeance
  3. H [35] A Weezil in the Henhouse
  4. H [35] Dwarf Fortress
  5. H [35] Sabotage!

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