AllianceA Woodsman's Training
Start Ayanna Everstride
End Ayanna Everstride
Level 3 (Requires 2)
Category Hunter
Experience 250
Reputation +250 Darnassus
Previous A IconSmall NightElf Male.gifIconSmall NightElf Female.gif Hunter [3] Etched Sigil
Next Priestess of the Moon


Reach level 3 to learn Steady Shot. Look for a Training Dummy southeast of Aldrassil, and practice using Steady Shot 5 times.


When most people think of the kaldorei, they conjure visions of druids and sentinels, but the way of the hunter is just as ancient and just as venerable.

I've been observing you, and you've had quite a bit of experience handling that bow. I want to show you a shooting technique that I often use in combat.

I want you to go out, get some more experience, and figure out how to do something new. Then go use it on a training dummy near the southeastern edge of Aldrassil.


You are a quick study in our ways. I look forward to continuing your training in the future. Return to me when the time is right.


  1. A [1-10] The Balance of Nature
  2. A [1-10] Fel Moss Corruption & A [1-10] Demonic Thieves
  3. Class-specific quests:
  4. A [1-10] Priestess of the Moon
  5. A [1-10] Iverron's Antidote
  6. A [1-10] The Woodland Protector
  7. A [1-10] Webwood Corruption
  8. A [1-10] Vile Touch
  9. A [1-10] Signs of Things to Come
  10. A [1-10] Teldrassil: Crown of Azeroth
  11. A [1-10] Precious Waters
  12. A [1-10] Teldrassil: Passing Awareness

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