A Worthy Challenge: High Sage Viryx (Horde)

Horde 32.pngA Worthy Challenge: High Sage Viryx
Start Challenger Sunforge
End Challenger Sunforge
Level 100 (Requires 100)
Type Daily Heroic
Category Skyreach
Experience 30,140
Rewards Inv misc lockbox 1.png [Challenger's Strongbox]
46 Gold.png 20 Silver.png
For the Alliance version of this quest, see Alliance 15.png [100H] A Worthy Challenge: High Sage Viryx.


Complete the Skyreach Challenge Mode.


<name>, I need you to assemble a determined group of adventures[sic] and venture into Skyreach. Activate the Challenger's Orb, reach the summit and put an end to High Sage Viryx and her super weapon.

Return to me when you've completed this challenge and I shall reward you handsomely.


You will receive:
Inv misc lockbox 1.png [Challenger's Strongbox]

You will also receive: 46 Gold.png 20 Silver.png


<name>, you've done a great service. If not for you, all of Draenor may have withered under High Sage Viryx's rule.


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