Abandoned Burrows

One of several piles of burning wreckage in the burrows

The Abandoned Burrows[64, 34] are a former vulpera settlement in northeastern Vol'dun, recently destroyed by a force of Faithless sethrak led by Fangcaller Sraka.[1][2] To the southwest lies the Brine Basin, while heading north out of the burrows takes one to the Whispering Crag.

After crashing into the Brine Basin, the Horde adventurer was captured by the Faithless and awakened in the Shrouded Hollow in the southeastern part of the burrows before being rescued by Nisha.[3] The two subsequently fought their way through the sethrak,[1][2] retrieved Nisha's map from Sraka,[4] and escaped to the Vulpera Hideaway.[5]


During the main storyline:

While H [50WQ] Abandoned in the Burrows is available:


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