For the quest of the same name, see H [30-50] The Abandoned Passage.

The Abandoned Passage, blocked by magic

The Abandoned Passage after being unlocked

The Abandoned Passage[43, 68.2] is a side entrance into Atul'Aman in Vol'dun, located under a large sand dune southwest of the pyramid itself. It leads directly into the Fetid Crypt. The sethrak have known about the passage for generations,[1] and—like the other entrances into the pyramid—it is normally sealed by a magical barrier.

After General Jakra'zet broke the seal on Atul'Aman—opening up the entrances into the pyramid—Vorrik and the Horde adventurer headed into the Abandoned Passage to catch up with Bladeguard Kaja and Warguard Rakera in the Fetid Crypt.[1]


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