Abbey Bell Rope

Abbey Bell Rope.jpg
Pull me.
For the bell rope in Borean Tundra, see Bell Rope.

The Abbey Bell Rope can be found in the abbey of New Hearthglen in Dragonblight. [72, 73]



Objective of

Pulling this rope is an objective for the quest Horde 15.png [73] A Fall From Grace. This also summons the Devout Bodyguards to the rope, so that the player can speak with High Abbot Landgren.


Pulling the rope activates a small event:

Onslaught Raven Priest says: Gah! What are you doing?

After a short walk from High Abbot Landgren.

Devout Bodyguard says: Hey, who rang the bell?
Onslaught Raven Priest says: A member of the priesthood whom I've never before.
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