Abby Lewis

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Not to be confused with Abby.
NeutralAbby Lewis
Image of Abby Lewis
Gender Female
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 25-50
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Heartsbane Coven (presumed)
Location Glenbrook Homestead, Drustvar
Status Alive

Abby Lewis is a human child located at the Glenbrook Homestead in Drustvar.



Abby is a strange girl found roaming around Glenbrook by herself. Signing a song of the fate befallen on her village, she is found by a passing by adventurer. Feeling alone and with no one to play with, the little girl asked them to help her find her playmates—Mr. Munchykins, Trunksy, Mayor Striggs, and Smoochums.[1][2] Along the way, the adventurer found the former townsfolk in the Glenbrook Hunting Grounds, with Abby narrating how their lives ended. This led them to a cave where an unresponsive Annie Warren was found.[3] Before being able to understand what was going on, Abby appeared from behind and asked them to follow her. With all of her playmates ready, it was finally time for a tea party. Arriving at the place, the adventurer noticed a dead Smoochums and all the other party guest surrounded on a sort of gound symbol. At Abby's request, the adventurer reluctantly sat in the middle and was then attacked by a wicker hound. With her goal complete, Abby left the adventurer to their fate, never to be seen again.[4] The adventurer survived the encounter and was soon approached by Annie Warren, who revealed that the villagers thought Abby had died some time ago.[4]

Later on, during the A [120] Allegiance of Kul Tiras questline, specifically A [120] Her Dog Days Are Over, one can find that Abby appears to have struck again (as her stuffed animals can be found at the sacrificial circle and child's giggles can be heard once again), sacrificing Princess and turning it into a wicker beast. Notably, Princess is not hostile and reunites joyfully with its former owner, Chelsea Wright.



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When first encountered

  • Our poor little village is dead.
All the people have gone stiff or fled.
There is no more noise...
...except me and my toys...
...just like all the dark birdies said!

Accepting N [110 - 120] Teddies and Tea

  • Yay! This is gonna be the best tea party ever! Let's find the other guests.

Approaching Samuel Hawthorne's house

  • Mr. Hawthorne was always trying to keep the doggies away from his animals. But now the doggies can finally have supper!

Looting Mr. Munchykins

  • Oh Mr. Munchykins! You were hungry, weren't you? Come along now. It's time for tea.

Looting Trunksy

  • Trunksy! You know Miss Mary doesn't allow you in the house! You track mud everywhere!

Looting Mayor Striggs

  • Naughty Mayor Striggs! Always running away from your responsibilities to the townsfolk. Well, you can't run anymore!

Following her during B [120] Tea Party

  • Let's go! Let's go! It's time for the tea party!
  • Up here! This is gonna be the best tea party ever!

Arriving at the tea party during B [120] Tea Party

  • Great! Sit down so we can start the party. With you and Smoochums helping, I can call the last guest!

After pouring tea during B [120] Tea Party

  • Doggie, play nice with our guest! We wouldn't want them to leave hungry... or at all!

Finding Jonathan Hayes during A [110 - 120] The Village of Glenbrook

  • Everyone said Mr. Hayes's heart was true. It must have been the biggest for sacrificing too!

Finding Hawthorne's Hoe during A [110 - 120] The Village of Glenbrook

  • All he wanted in the woods were some herbs for his sheep, but instead Farmer Sam met with everlasting sleep.

Finding Mary's Book during A [110 - 120] The Village of Glenbrook

  • Miss Mary was on her search for power. She brought death to the village and made the forest dour.

Approaching Annie Warren during A [110 - 120] The Village of Glenbrook

  • Annie was drawn by the other women, but from the rituals she refrained. I think it's no surprise that she ended up in chains.


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