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Abduction Reduction

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NeutralAbduction Reduction
Start Penny Clobberbottom
End Penny Clobberbottom
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Type Daily
Category Mechagon Island
Reputation +150 Rustbolt Resistance
Rewards  [Spare Parts]
 [Energy Cell]
 [Empty Energy Cell]


Free 6 captured Mechagnomes and catch them before they hit the ground.


We got actual ABDUCTIONS happenin' here, <name>!

Honest to gold, flying robots are swoopin' into town and snatchin' up people like it's closin' time at Gallywix's buffet!

Lucky for the Rustbolt Resistance, Gazlowe called in me and my explosives to save the day.

You wanna pitch in? Take one of my rocket launchers and blast those containment crates outta the sky.

Whatever they've got trapped inside will come tumblin' down real fast, so you gotta run underneath and catch 'em.


You will receive:

You will receive one from:
Inv mechagon spareparts.png [Spare Parts] Inv mechagnome powercell full.png [Energy Cell]
Inv mechagnome powercell empty.png [Empty Energy Cell]


Be sure to run underneath the containment crates after you blast 'em, to catch whatever falls out.


Nice shootin' out there!

And, hey, don't worry if you "accidentally" missed a Mechagnome or two... I did too!

<Penny winks at you.>


On accept
Penny Clobberbottom says: Dibs on that containment crate!
Abducted Rustbolt Engineer yells: Why am I falling?!
Penny Clobberbottom says: Whoops. Hope there wasn't a mechagnome in that one...
Penny Clobberbottom says: Oh well, you'll be safer, right? Be sure to catch any mechagnomes that come tumbling out!

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