NeutralAberrations of Bone
Start Lord Raymond George
End Lord Raymond George
Level 15-30
Type Dungeon
Category Scholomance
Reputation 2,000 with Argent Dawn
Repeatable Yes


Kill Rattlegore in the Ossuary of Scholomance.


In life, my brothers and I fought against all the forces of the Scourge, but none were so reviled as the necromancers. It was not enough for them raise our dead comrades and send them against us; no, they created twisted golems of bone with scythes for hands.

These aberrations slew many of my brothers, and yet we could not destroy them all. I ask you, <name>, to carry on the task of the fallen. Venture into the Ossuary of Scholomance and slay the largest and most dangerous of these abominable creatures.


You will receive:


Have you carried on our fight against the remnants of the Scourge in these lands?


Your deeds do honor to those who fell in battle defending this hallowed ground.

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