For the character from the main universe, see Aborius.
Image of Aborius
Title <Fury of Water>
Gender Female
Race Elemental fury (Giant)
Level ?? Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Throne of the Elements, Nagrand
Status Alive

Aborius is the great Fury of Water located at the Throne of the Elements in Nagrand.


Aborius says: A dark presence grows in the west. Gordawg, the great earthen fury, has gone missing.
Incineratus says: Without a fury of earth upon the throne, the elemental bonds that hold this world together weaken.
Kalandrios says: The balance has been disrupted. The Elemental Plateau has grown unstable and must be purged.
Kalandrios says: If left imbalanced, the elements will rage across this valley tearing all life asunder.
Incineratus says: Gordawg must be found and returned to the throne.
Aborius says: The fate of the elements rests in your hands.

Water nourishes and sustains life, yet also has the power to cut through earth and rock.

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