Abyssal Lord
Image of Abyssal Lord
Race Elemental
Level ?? Boss
Location Silithus

An Abyssal Lord is an elemental boss summoned from the Greater Wind Stones around the various Twilight's Hammer camps in Silithus. The player must wear the Twilight Trappings, a  [Twilight Cultist Medallion of Station], and a  [Twilight Cultist Ring of Lordship] when interacting with a greater wind stone to summon one (failure to wear it can lead to shocking results!). The elemental that is summoned is random, but an Object of Beckoning can force a particular Lord to appear.

The Abyssal Lords are:

A Lord will always drop an  [Abyssal Scepter]. Sometimes it will also drop epic armor and weapons and trade item relating to the Lord's element (such as  [Elemental Fire] from Prince Skaldrenox).

Abyssal Lords are tuned for a 20 person raid group. As 20 level 60s were originally required to take one down, it is easily possible to take one down with one level 80.

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