Accelerator Module

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  • Accelerator Module
  • Binds when picked up
  • Unique
  • "Used to activate any of the proton accelerator controllers at Bash'ir Landing."
  • Sell Price: 80s 50c

An Accelerator Module is consumed by one of the four Proton Accelerator Controllers at Bash'ir Landing to spawn either Mob Bash'ir's Harbinger or Mob Bash'ir himself, selected randomly. Both drop an  [Apexis Crystal] and can be beaten by a moderate-size party at level 70.


This item can be purchased for 35 Apexis Shard from Aether-tech Master, who arrives at Bash'ir Landing for a short time during the last minutes of the Bash'ir Landing raid event.

Because the module is unique and the vendor only appears for a few minutes, it may take several repetitions of the event to obtain and use up as many modules as desired. However, there is a Proton Accelerator Controller very close to the vendor, allowing high level players to buy and use a module, kill the spawned NPC, and repeat several times before the vendor departs.

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