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Action Figures

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Not to be confused with Action figures.
NeutralAction Figures
Start H'partho Ardoros
End H'partho Ardoros
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Uldum
Experience 17,850
Reputation +900 Shadowbard Larva
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous N [120] A Balanced Diet


Collect 6 Amathet Figurines from Amathet creatures in Uldum.


It occurs to me that our larva's current living situation is quite dull. We should try to find something to keep him entertained.

After all, a happy larva is a healthy larva!

I think the Amathet keep figures for worship of their gods. I'm sure they could also double as toys for our little friend here. See if you can find some!


You will receive:


Did you find any suitable toys?


Look how happy he is with his new toys!


Kill any Amathet tol'vir that appear during an Amathet assault on Uldum.


  1. N [120] The Incredible Egg
  2. N [120] Match the Hatch
  3. Daily quests: (offered for several days)
  4. N [120] A Shocking Technique
  5. N [120] Coming Out of His Shell
  6. N [120] A Balanced Diet
  7. Daily quests: (offered for several days)
  8. N [120] They Grow So Fast
  9. Daily quests: (offered for several days)
  10. N [120] A Custom Order
  11. N [120] Otherworldly Armaments
  12. N [120] My Own Drone

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