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We're interested in standardizing a way to communication between addons about what cooldowns are available/down at a given moment. Spells we are interested in are:


  • Reincarnation
  • Rebirth
  • Soulstone
  • Shield Wall
  • Divine Intervention
  • Lightwell
  • Challenging Shout


Prefix: ADCOM_CD Message: seconds Spellname in English

You send the seconds left on cooldown (i.e. 300 seconds when a 5-minute cooldown spell is first used, and 0 seconds when a spell is made available), and the unmodified ENGLISH spellname.


You can get the information out of a received message by using:

local seconds,spell = string.find(msg, "(%d+)%s+(.+)")


This is a list of localisations for the spells we're concerned with. Feel free to add/correct this list as necessary, using the same format.

Spell name (EN) frFR deDE
Reincarnation R\195\169incarnation Reinkarnation
Rebirth Renaissance Wiedergeburt
Soulstone Resurrection R\195\169surrection de Pierre d\'\195\162me Seelenstein-Auferstehung
Shield Wall Mur protecteur Schildwall
Divine Intervention Intervention divine G\195\182ttliches Eingreifen
Lightwell Puits de lumi\195\168re Brunnen des Lichts
Challenging Shout Cri de d\195\169fi Herausforderungsruf
Innervate Innervation Anregen

Example Usage


When Innervate is used, the players addon would send the following message:

SendAddonMessage("ADCOM_CD", "360 Innervate", "RAID")

Challenging Shout

When Challenging Shout becomes available, the players addon would send the following message:

SendAddonMessage("ADCOM_CD", "0 Challenging Shout", "RAID")

When Joining a Raid

When joining a raid, a raid addon would want to send all their cooldown information in one broadcast to the raid. For example, a druid would send:

SendAddonMessage("ADCOM_CD", "0 Innervate", "RAID") SendAddonMessage("ADCOM_CD", "60 Rebirth", "RAID")