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NeutralAddie Fizzlebog
Image of Addie Fizzlebog
Title Ghostwriter
Apprentice Hunter
Journeyman Hunter
Expert Hunter
Unseen Path
<Name>'s Bodyguard
Gender Female
Race Gnome
Level 10-45
Class Survival Hunter
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Hemet's Hunting Party, Unseen Path
Occupation Champion of the Unseen Path
Location Nesingwary's Retreat, Highmountain[40.0, 52.2]
Status Alive
Mentor(s) Hemet Nesingwary, adventurer
Companion(s) Plucky (pet)

Addie Fizzlebog is Hemet Nesingwary's gnomish ghost writer, found at Nesingwary's Retreat in Highmountain. She has accompanied Hemet on all his expeditions from Stranglethorn to Nagrand to Nagrand again, taking notes on his adventures and turning them into "timeless literary tales". However, Addie's heart is really in the hunt, and, in her own words, she desires nothing more than to "put down the pen, and pick up a rifle" and become a full-fledged hunter like Hemet himself.[1]


After the adventurer helps Addie in recovering her manuscript notes for Hemet's latest novel —  [The Rocky Hills of Highmountain] — from some hungry goats nearby, Hemet asks the hero to help Addie learn the ways of the hunt by bringing her along while killing wildlife and setting traps in the Pinerock Basin.[2] After Addie "levels up" from apprentice, to journeyman and finally to an expert hunter, Hemet proclaims that a true test of Addie's skill will be to track down an elusive beast — in this case, a vicious roc called Irewing. Together, the adventurer, Addie, Hemet and several other hunters from the camp manage to take down Irewing, leaving Hemet greatly impressed with his ghost writer.[3]


"Leveling" Addie from apprentice to expert by killing mobs and setting traps in Pinerock Basin is the objective of N [10-45] A Hunter at Heart. She continues to accompany the player in the Basin up until killing Irewing during N [10-45] Scout It Out, at which point she leaves the player's side and returns to camp.


Once hunters have finished her training, they can return at level 110 to recruit Addie as a champion for the Unseen Path.


  • I don't think Hemet himself could have taught me better, but I have to believe there's more to hunting than taking down big game. Sticking with you, I think I'll be able to learn exactly what it means to be a true hunter. Here's to you, and the many grand adventures that await us![4]
  • How's it going?
  • Well hello there!
  • Oh, you're talking to me!
  • You don't wanna see me angry.
  • Do you think that tickles?
  • And people tell me I'm annoying!
  • See you later!
  • Bye-bye!
  • Take care.

Nesingwary's Retreat

Prior to completing N [10-45] Scout It Out:

I may carry a book instead of a rifle, but I assure you <name>, I'm a hunter at heart.

After completing N [10-45] Scout It Out:

I don't think Hemet himself could have taught me better.

N [10-45] A Hunter at Heart

Hemet asked you to teach me how to hunt?
I'm glad you're up for the job. There's a lot I need to learn, but I think I know which end of the rifle to shoot with...
I'm ready whenever you are!
Gossip Let's go hunting!
This is pretty much the best day ever!
  • Do rifles always have this much recoil?
  • That was a wild shot! You're okay, right?
  • You make it look so easy!
  • I think I'm getting the hang of it!
  • Learning to hunt is a dream come true.
  • I'm feeling a bit more comfortable with my rifle.
  • Don't worry, I can talk and shoot at the same time!
  • I think we make a pretty good team.
  • You can't beat the thrill of hunting something ten times your size!
  • I could do this with my eyes closed! But don't worry, I won't.
  • Should we take a S.E.L.F.I.E.?

Upon completing Addie's training, she will say:

I don't think Hemet himself could've taught me better. Hopefully he'll be impressed with my progress.

If Addie for any reason despawns during the quest, she will say the following line upon rejoining the player:

Let's keep hunting!

Upon approaching the entrance to Mucksnout Den:

We're not going in there, are we?

N [10-45] Scout It Out

After killing Irewing:

That really was a noteworthy hunt! We should head back to camp while it's still fresh in my mind.

Combat ally

  • I'm a real hunter now!
  • Let's get em!
  • I've got this one!
Killed a mob
  • We did it!
  • That was exciting! (giggles)
  • You better stay dead!
  • Don't worry about me. I'll catch up... I think...
  • That... hurts... so much...
  • I need to recover... You go on...

Notes and trivia

Addie and Plucky during the Great Gnomeregan Run.

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